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Expand your brand and attract even more booth traffic by participating in the New Exhibitor Sponsorship Package - which consists of a number of promotional opportunities including a FREE display opportunity.

Reach out to your existing customers and prospects and let them know you’re exhibiting at the show. Start by giving them a quick call to set up an appointment during the show and be sure to follow up by sending them a postcard invitation or an email with your own personalized registration URL.

Once your official show contract is submitted, you’ll receive an email with your COMPANY ID and ACCESS CODE to log into the directory system. Be sure to log on and update your company profile, including your line and category listings for the pocket directory and mobile app.

Retailers come to the show to find new products! Make it easy for buyers to find your new items by completing the 'Got New' Listing found in the Directory | Promo Tools.

Encourage retailers to place their order with you at the show by giving them an offer they can’t refuse.

Download the exhibitor service kit and make sure you send in the required forms by the required dates.

Small, light-weight, and very easy-to-use, LeadKey will provide you with a complete record of every prospective customer who visits your booth.



Make sure your team is ready to go, with an upbeat attitude about your products and the show! Encourage your team to dress professionally, and be ready with a welcoming smile.

The most important and often, most forgotten, part of the show is your post-show follow-up. Many purchasing decisions/orders come in AFTER the show. So, follow-up is key and there are a variety of ways to do it -- from thank you notes and calls to emails and more to the lists/contacts you collect using our lead retrieval system. Have a plan in place before you get to the show so you can act on it after.

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram! Keep your own social media pages updated consistently so your followers keep coming back for more! Another perk of an updated page? We will be sharing exhibitor Facebook posts year-round! Help us help you and post something new at least once a week.


Click here to download the California Marketplace Temporaries Contract

To view the forms, you'll need Adobe Reader. To download this free program, click here.

Contact Jim Walker by email at jwalker@urban-expo.com or by phone at 678.370.0360 for questions & more information in regards to booth space.


In pre-show planning there are three ingredients to a successful exhibit performance:

  1. Plan completely
  2. Execute aggressively
  3. Follow-up thoroughly

Quick Guide to Planning:

  1. What are you objectives, and how will you reach them?
    1. Learning/teaching
    2. Generating sales leads
    3. Introducing new products
    4. Selling to existing customers
    5. Increasing name awareness
  2. What message are you trying to communicate?
    1. Define your message with three key points.
    2. Develop each point with details.
    3. Use clear, understandable language.
    4. Use words that pint pictures.
  3. Who is your target? Develop a target profile to help with prospecting and qualifying.
  4. Read the exhibitor service kit.
  5. Send in the required forms by the required dates. Look for carpet, electric, plumbing, furniture, floral and other booth accessory forms.
  6. Finalize you approach to pre-show promotion – promoting attendance is a shared responsibility between show management and the exhibitors.
  7. Develop a strategy for giveaways, contest or attention-getting devices.
  8. Select booth staff. Staffers should:
    1. Have a good attitude about participating.
    2. Have a warm, friendly personality.
    3. Have good product knowledge.
    4. Be experienced in exhibiting.
  9. Review the plan with everyone in the organization. Get commitment early in the planning cycle from all involved.

Pre-Show Promotion

Show management is responsible for generating show traffic, but it’s a shared responsibility. You need to invite your target audience – existing customers, hot prospects, prospects who have been called on but not closed and prospects who haven’t been called on.

  • Use show-supplied invitations
  • Use your own printed invitations
  • Use a post card
  • Send a personal letter – followed by a personal phone call.
  • Use telemarketing
  • Have your sales personnel identify and contact targeted prospects individually.

Tips for Direct Mail:

  • Tie you booth theme into your promotion.
  • Use other than #10 envelopes – they’ll stick out more.
  • Use a color other than white or manila.
  • Hand write or type the address on the envelope. Don’t use a label – it looks like junk mail.
  • Hand stamp envelopes – it looks more personal.
  • Use a teaser on the envelope. “Inside there is a shameless bribe!” or something similar.
  • Identify the show on the outside of the envelope. “Important information about XYZ Show inside.”

Other Places to Promote Attendance:

  • Social Media
  • Use publishers’ card decks.
  • Use the show directory.
  • Include show information in your company newsletter.
    Develop advertorials – articles about your company, product or service—that can be published just prior to the show.
  • Use a banner in you trade press ads—“See us in booth 1010 at the XYZ Show.”
  • Develop and send a press kit to all invited press.
  • Invite the press to your booth, especially if you’re introducing a new product.
  • Use billboards at or near the show site.
  • Sponsor hospitality suites, coffee breaks or cocktail receptions.

During the Show

  • When you eat in the dining area, choose a table where prospects are seated, not other vendor or colleagues.
  • When conversing with a prospect, concentrate on the benefits and values that your firm brings to the prospect, rather than “What you have.” The prospect may not know how to convert your features into his or her benefits.
  • Use audio/visual tools to demonstrate benefits.
  • Talk about outcomes. Give examples of successes.
  • Look Professional and interested.
  • Never, ever eat in the booth.
  • Respond with respect to any reference to competitors.
  • If asked question you cannot answer, call the office right from the booth to get service immediately.
  • Introduce visitors to top-level company officials on site.
  • Repeat the name of the visitor in conversation.
  • Listen attentively.
  • Respond to the needs of the visitor, rather than rushing into the selling points of the exhibitor.
  • Provide information, tips, checklist or techniques that are of value to the visitor.
  • Take the business card of the visitor and furnish your card to the visitor.

After the Show

  • Debrief after the show to determine how and what to do better next time.
  • Determine the number of leads generated and rank them as hot, medium and cool.
  • Determine time frames and methods of contacting each group.
  • Capture good ideas in writing about:
    1. How to present your company
    2. What audience you expected and what you got
    3. Reasons why people talked to you (specific)
    4. Reasons why people would not talk to you
    5. What the audience expected
    6. What exceeded their expectations
    7. How would you have changed
      1. Literature
      2. Your approach
      3. The booth
      4. Your location
  • Assign Tasks to maximize future efforts. Have due dates for getting things done. Follow up
  • Send follow-up letters between 2 and 6 weeks after show.
  • Two months after the show, review hot, medium and cool leads. Note current status. If there are no new customers from leads, discuss why. Repeat exercise two months later.
  • Be in contact with show management with any questions or concerns or issues you had with the show that will improve your next show experience. Remember- they are there to assist you!

*Courtesy of Expo Magazine

We've been very pleased with the buyer turnout and interest in our line. About 75% of the orders we’ve written have been with new customers. Dave O'Shea, Katzpajamas
We are really excited about being together on the top floor. We love the fresh new look of the show logo, floor and the new vibe. It's all great. Sondra Piorick, Makeup Eraser
We have been doing gift shows for 26 years and have seen the ups and downs - this market is definitely on the upswing. I would encourage other exhibitors and buyers who are thinking about participating to do so without hesitation. You won't be sorry. Darlene Samuelsen, INE Imports & Exports Inc.
Very active show and we came away with a very positive experience. We look forward to participating again. Ryland Shelton, Alcove Chocolate
The show was great. On the first day of the show I wrote business with 15 new clients. The buyers here are legitimate. Greg Hayenga, Fortune Products
New accounts! Heavy traffic! Wrote lots of orders! It was hectic - but a good hectic. Connie Hammje, Dutch House Confections
Great day! I need another person to help us! Lots of orders. 30% new accounts. Great to have registration upstairs, that was key. Many thanks! Jenny McClure, Zad
Amazed at orders the first day. Fabulous show! Lori Brock, Elope
I saw buyers I haven’t seen in years. It was absolutely wonderful! Plus tons of new ones. Many buyers came because of the new management and that is exactly why I am here - because of Urban Expositions and their reputation for putting on a good show! Ann Maurice
I have been doing this show a long time and I was amazed. I always came prepared, but I had to print out new purchase forms because of all the new accounts! Thank you! Kathy Franz, Ethel & Myrtle
After the last show, we vowed we would not come back but after Urban Expositions took over, we of course would try it. 180° turn around - We are totally amazed at how fast this show has changed. Spokandy
We were impressed with the turnout of local and national accounts. We're looking forward to even more growth next show. Mark Reaves, EMI Sportswear
We were pleased with the high level of traffic and the quality of attendees walking through the show. Urban has created a terrific environment for both attendees and exhibitors. Jon Bruml, TechStyles
We're new to the tradeshow industry and Urban Expositions has welcomed us with open arms. We've been well taken care of by the entire team. Because of Urban's dedication to our success, we were able to lock in several key accounts at the July 2013 California Gift Show. David O'Shea, Katzpajamas, San Diego, CA
Great Show! Haven't been to the show in 3 years, but so glad we returned. Daniel Chen, Top Land Trading, Bellingham, WA
Absolutely killer first day! Susan Lowenstein, TY Inc., Westmont, IL
We’ve been exhibiting here for 7 years now and since Urban took over we’ve seen an extreme growth in the show. Great traffic this July! A lot of ordering writing; 70% of which were new business for us. We are thrilled! David Evey, Zensual, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA
Very busy show, all the way until the end. We had Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures place orders, huge accounts for us! Edward Han, Mei Wah, San Francisco, CA
Fantastic show! Slammed all four days. We had our best show since 2007 this past January with Urban and believe it or not we did even better this July! Urban is the best! Thank you for bringing in such terrific buyers. Shirley DeMarco, Shirley DeMarco & Associates, Long Beach, CA
We had many repeat buyers from January as well as several new accounts including a couple big museums from Texas! We’re very excited about the new and improved show. Keep it up Urban! Dana Herbert, Dana Herbert Accessories, Portland, OR
Really good show for us! We’ve been working on getting a specific account for about a year now and were finally able to secure that account because of this show. Management took great care of us and we are looking forward to the next edition. Steven Broukham, Wilouby International, Los Angeles, CA
We haven’t done this show in many years, but I’m so happy we decided to try it again this July with Urban. We have a number of new accounts in the Los Angeles area. Very satisfied with the amount of orders we received! Corey Blyth, Buddha Board, Vancouver, Canada
Incredible show! We wrote tons of new orders including University Arts and Princess Cruises which are huge companies for us. Thanks for the great promotional opportunities prior the show too. Andreas Biachian, From There To Here, Mill Valley, CA
It was our first show and had an amazing experience. The management staff was so helpful with all our needs. Most importantly, we have met with some big buyers and created excellent accounts. This show is a great networking opportunity! Umit Atamer, Smyrna Collection
This show has been an outstanding show for us. It’s put our business orders up 160 percent. We are getting the quality buyers we want and we will continue to do this show religiously. Harold Nolder, Verbena Botanicals, Hillsboro, OR
We met some great accounts and touched base with a lot of buyers we would not see anywhere else. We have been able to set up shop here which customers have really enjoyed, shopping the floor rather than a catalogue has been beneficial. Matthew Hirsh, Michelle Hirsh, Calabasas, CA
The show was well attended and we did some really great business. We definitely want to come back in July. The layout of the floor and the upbeat atmosphere make the customers really happy to be here. Dianne Bowen Grand Loft Custom, Los Angeles, CA
We are so pleased that we returned to the show! We saw so many of our old customers and met so many new ones!!! Leslie Mitlelberg, Swahili Imports
This show was the first tradeshow we’ve participated in – and we are now committed for life. Even before the show opened, we added 27 new clients thanks to the pre-show marketing from Urban Expositions –we look forward to the next show! Corrine Clements, Jarring Questions
This show has been a huge help to our business with a nice, steady flow of new customers we are thrilled with the results. Kris King, Card Connect, Chicago, IL.
Management must be doing some great marketing - we saw key customers that we hadn’t seen in 15 years. Eric Morrissey, Kubla Crafts, Inc, Charleston, SC.

Click here to access the online directory system where you can update your company, line and categorical listing information for the official show directory as well as to take advantage of other convenient promotional features.

You will receive via email your COMPANY ID and ACCESS CODE that you can log on in order to:

  • COMPLETE YOUR POCKET DIRECTORY LISTING - Please note that the directory will use only your single, lowest booth number. Just select your product categories, list your lines and a brief company description and submit.
  • ORDER LEAD RETRIEVAL - Battery-powered, hand-held Badge Reader for mobile, data collection/management with online access to scanned sales lead data, via Exhibitor's password protected Internet portal. Sales leads will be uploaded after the show closes.
  • REGISTER BOOTH PERSONNEL - Register your booth staff for on-site show badges.
  • LIST SHOW SPECIALS - Drive more traffic to your booth by announcing your show specials to buyers on the show website.
  • NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS - Tell buyers about your new introductions, new lines, etc. on the show website.

If you have questions please contact Katie Colon by email at kcolon@urban-expo.com or by phone at 678.203.3364

We have been advised that Construct Data Publishers has been soliciting paid listings in their publication, FAIR Guide, from exhibiting companies of some of our shows. Please be advised that Urban Expositions has no relationship or affiliation with this organization and does not recommend, approve or endorse any involvement or listing in the FAIR Guide on behalf of the any of our exhibitors. As an exhibitor, your listing in Urban Expositions’ official Show Directories is always complimentary. Returning a signed contract to Construct Data Publishers will result in advertising obligations and fees so we wanted to make sure you were aware if this.


A key part of the show’s aggressive marketing campaign is our 4-color product preview guide. Filled with product shots from you, our exhibitors, this guide will give retailers a sneak peek at the many product innovations and designs they’ll see at the show. As an added bonus, an e-version will be posted on the show website, linking your images to your website.

Click here to access the link to the Product Preview Guide system.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to quickly and easily submit your product photos for possible inclusion in the Summer 2017 Guide. 

If you have questions, please contact Katie Colon by email at kcolon@urban-expo.com or call 1.800.318.2238 ext. 3364.

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