Exhibitor Testimonials

Absolutely slammed first 2 days of show and still steady busy here it is 2:30 on the 3rd day! One reason why is doing advanced marketing and planning our existing buyers.Steve Heogberg, NW Souvenir
The Seattle Gift Show is one of my best shows because of local regional buyers. Huge orders!!Laurie Brock, Elope, Inc
We had lots of repeat business, connected with new companies and even had a big order from a department store in Tokyo.Dana Herbert, Dana Herbert Accessories
The Seattle Gift Show always attracts serious buyers that come to shop. I have to add that you can’t beat the staff for these shows; they make it feel like a home away from home.Todd Davis, Spokandy
It is so nice to participate in a trade show that is designed for the Pacific Northwest and the customer base that supports it. The support staff at the gift show makes it so easy to create an environment that is professional and inviting for our customers, from the booth itself to the amenities of the Washington State Convention Center.Marlece Wasmund, Inside Passage Reps
After celebrating more than 20+ years as an exhibitor, the Seattle Gift Show is still the best, most economical form of professional marketing for product exposure. Catalogs and a website are important. But personal attention and interaction at the show are critical to long-term success. In addition to traditional brick-n-mortar retailers, web-based stores are booming in our Pacific Northwest. These buyers attend and buy at our Seattle Gift Show. These relationships have become a key ingredient to our continued success.En-May Mangels, Jack and En-May Mangels
We have been exhibiting in and the Seattle show since 1990. Without the access to buyers it provides, we could not have succeeded in our import business. Working on your own you just cannot make the necessary contacts. The management staff has always been understanding and helpful when we had questions or needed assistance.Darlene Samuelsen INE Imports & Exports Inc
As a first-time exhibitor, we've received tons of exposure and orders at the Seattle Gift Show. We also got some great ideas from fellow exhibitors and buyers alike. Reuben Schroeder, Hangry Kits
Peacewater's success at the Seattle Gift Show equals my experience in the national shows combined! At Seattle, the influence I met, the buyers I engaged and the professional Urban Expositions staff are stellar in the industry.Shima Shanti, Peacewaters
I made more money in the first day at the Seattle Gift Show than I did in 3 national shows combined.Kevin Joyce, Seattle Silver
Show at a Glance
February 2-5, 2019
Washington State Convention Center
Seattle, WA
678.285.EXPO (3976)