The Vital Element, LLC

Booth: 3861 | www.vitalelementjewelry.com


How long have you been in business and what does your company specialize in?
Full time for 2 years, as a freelance jewelry creative for many years before that. I specialize in handmade crystal and gemstone jewelry to adorn both body and home. 

What is your most popular product to date?
For a timeless style, the top seller is my Multicolored Amazonite Mala. For Unique stone and crystal pieces, it's a toss up between my Occo Geode (and other hand-shaped stone and crystal) Lariat necklaces, Amethyst Slab necklaces, Arabesque Crystal earrings, Tabasco Geode Pair stud earrings, or our classic Herkimer Diamond line. 

What is new with your company?
I'm transitioning into a new studio homebase for all my lapidary and metalsmithing equipment, as well as a space for creative workshops! 

What types of trends are you seeing in the gift industry right now?
Handmade adornments. People like to know there's a story and genuine caring behind the pieces they love. Regarding color palettes, people love those that pair well with versatile neutrals. Beyond color, I find subtle patterns and pieces that draw the discerning eye have been continuing to grow in popularity. 

How have your customer's needs changed as of late?
People are more and more comfortable with selecting pieces that make them feel good. Feel happy, inspired, strong or even just help them express their authenticity. My pieces achieve that and it's immensely gratifying to see the smiles in my customers' faces. 

How long have you exhibited with the Seattle Gift Show?
This is my second opportunity with the Seattle Gift Show

What would you say to someone considering attending the Seattle Gift Show?
Join us! There are so many wonderful artisans, as well as large-scale suppliers to suit any retail need. I just recommend taking time to understand what your individual business goals are before attending, so that when you arrive you can more effectively identify and connect with vendors most aligned with your vision and avoid being overwhelmed. 





Show at a Glance
February 2-5, 2019
Washington State Convention Center
Seattle, WA
678.285.EXPO (3976)