Warm Human

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How long have you been in business and what does your company specialize in?
We launched our company in 2018, and we specialize in a very unique, highly giftable ADORABLE essential oil SOLIDS. We have oils, mindfulness + yoga mat sprays, and KINDNESS sprays. 

What is your most popular product to date?
Our fun power blends in our wearable aromatherapy line. Fun names like Spiritual Gangsta, Peaceful AF, Pretty Dope Soul and Yoga-ta Be Free. 

What is new with your company?
Aromatherapy solids done like this are a brand new concept in the market. No one has created a line for market that allows someone to mix + match skin-safe essential oils on the skin like this. The packaging will blow your mind. 

What types of trends are you seeing in the gift industry right now?
The aromatherapy market is booming, as are customized gifts. Our line takes care of both of those. 

How have your customer's needs changed as of late?
We have incredible displays, with testers to make the retail experience better. We've put a ton of details into our packaging to help retailers with displays, and returning customers, product knowledge, etc. 

How long have you exhibited with the Seattle Gift Show?
First time! We did NYNOW last August and had an amazing show. 

What would you say to someone considering attending the Seattle Gift Show?
Please come see me! Our brand is about walking through the world as strong + kind person. Come experience the good vibes, we promise you won't regret it. 





Show at a Glance
February 2-5, 2019
Washington State Convention Center
Seattle, WA
678.285.EXPO (3976)