Barefoot Eco Outfitters

Booth: 3620 | www.barefooteco.com


How long have you been in business and what does your company specialize in?
3 years. Eco-friendly casual apparel in celebration of the great outdoors. We give back to/volunteer on behalf of conservation efforts in our home state of Washington. 

What is your most popular product to date?
Our Nordic Snowflake Leggings, Red Moose and Nordic Moose Thermals, our joggers, our Into the Mountains Hoodie and Keep it Wild Tees.

What is new with your company?
We've added new product to our Mighty Mountain Collection (tees, hoodie, beanies).

What types of trends are you seeing in the gift industry right now?
While environmental messages on tees are popular right now, those items tend to be earth-friendly in printed message only. Very few apparel companies actually use eco-friendly fabrics, shipping and practices to back up their message. 

How have your customer's needs changed as of late?
We feel that customers need more transparency, information and courteous service to provide fast shipping, product/mission information and connection. Customers want to feel connected to the brands they wear. 

How long have you exhibited with the Seattle Gift Show?
First year at Seattle Show February 2019. 

What would you say to someone considering attending the Seattle Gift Show?
With our first show upcoming, I can't answer that yet! 





Show at a Glance
February 2-5, 2019
Washington State Convention Center
Seattle, WA
678.285.EXPO (3976)